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Navigating Realism



Maritime Solutions

Crania Studios has been developing the maritime solutions program with more than 10 years of experience and it revolutionizes marine training across various industries, ship management firms, and logistic companies. With our simulations, professionals, interns, and students can undergo comprehensive training in the virtual world before practical exposure on real ships.

Our solutions focus on many things besides efficiency and high-quality realistic simulation such as:

  • Low-cost training

  • Ability to re-considering accidents via simulations

  • Shore and offshore training

  • Shipping and logistic simulations

  • Ship management

  • Port simulations

and more.


Advanced Training Simulations

Our simulations offer a cutting-edge training platform for the maritime industry, featuring:

  • Realistic Simulation Models

          - The simulation modules incorporate highly realistic simulation models.
          - All models seamlessly create a 1:1 scale with real-world data.


  • Custom Scenario Design

          - Our simulations enable vessels, ports, waterways, and shipyards to live in a virtual world.

  • Effective Low-cost Training

          - Our simulations facilitate effective low-cost training solutions for both marine professionals and students.


Accident Re-creation

  • ​Re-creating from Real-world Data

          - Real-world data is used to recreate and experience real accidents through our simulations.

  • Serious Games and Virtual Reality

          - Our specialized service offers particular re-created 3D cinematics, serious games, and playable simulations in a virtual reality environment.

  • Re-experiencing Accidents

          - Our modules make it easier and low-cost to re-considerate for financially damaging accidents.


Warehouse Operations

Warehouse simulation modules provide immersive and practical experiences, featuring:

  • Training and Planning

          - Tailored for training and planning within logistics and supply chain.
          - Aim to optimize warehouse operations efficiently.


  • Simulation and Tools

          - Training all the tools that can be used in a warehouse can be done through warehouse simulations.
          - Enhance your company's expertise with dynamic simulation tools for supply chain design and analysis



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