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Military Simulation Services

Crania Studios is an R&D firm that develops hardware-integrated simulation projects and serious game projects to simplify training and create more practical solutions in various fields with more than 10 years of experience. Our solutions focus on simplifying training for military services, the government army, special forces, and military schools. 

Our goal is to elevate the experience in simulations to a higher level by combining the software and physical experience capabilities provided separately by current simulation technology in a single simulation environment.

Our services include:

  • Immersive technology integration

  • Physical interaction with a Treadmill device

  • Virtual reality solutions

  • Advanced experience with computer modules

  • Digital Twin Maps (1:1 scale digitalized real maps)

  • Degrees of Freedom (DOF) technology
    and more.


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Advanced Training Simulations

Our simulations offer cutting-edge training solutions for the military industry, featuring:

  • Realistic Simulation Models

          - The simulation modules incorporate highly realistic simulation models.
          - All models seamlessly create a 1:1 scale with real-world data.


  • Scenario Capabilities

          - Our simulations enable the creation of custom scenarios, operations, shooting range practice, and more services, according to customer expectations.

  • Digital Twin Maps

          - To further elevate the experience, we utilize digital twin maps, meticulously prepared to mirror real-world environments, providing a detailed and realistic backdrop for user engagement.


Serious Games and VR Simulations


  • ​Immersive Technology Integration

          - Our simulation incorporates virtual reality goggles to create an immersive experience, allowing users to physically immerse themselves in a digital environment.
- Our services offer re-created 3D cinematics, serious games, and playable simulations in a virtual reality environment.

  • Advanced Experience with Computer Module

          - Our serious games modules give us the chance to relive a variety of events, experience them beforehand, and analyze various situations.


Hardware Integrations


  • Physical Interaction with Treadmill Device

          Our simulations, supported by virtual reality goggles, offer users the opportunity to physically exist in a digital world through a treadmill device and technology that accurately transfers all types of physical movements to the digital environment.

  • Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Technology

          A cutting-edge DOF technology is employed, offering realistic motion feedback based on real-world physical data. This improves the overall sense of presence and interaction within the virtual world in our simulations.



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